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Chronicles of The Lost Realms Larp of CT

Lost Realms Boffer LARP
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This community is for discussion about The Lost Realms, a fantasy LARP running in Derby, CT. Expect to see updates on events, workshops, parties and fight practice here!

LARP Location: Osbornedale State Park, Derby CT

Membership is open, although it is expected that only players, officials, or people intending to come and join the game will join and post. Anyone not involved with the game will be asked to leave, or removed if necessary. Our troll policy involves axes...

Go ahead and post! All Out-of-character posts related to the game (arranging rides, etc) are acceptable. IC information is currently allowed, assuming your character has a means of posting on a public forum- use the subject of your post to explain how this is posted, such as "STONEHOLD: Posted in main square". It is NOT acceptable to use this forum for starting anonymous rumors, but feel free to babble in character to your heart's content.