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Here is the event posting

Because last game I asked who had read the plot summary and mostly everyone didn't I thought I'd put it here as well. Feel free to use this as in IC post if you have anything to say about this in character.

The Journey Home
Osbourndale State Park
Saturday November 19th
Check-In: 10am - Noon
Combat Training/Practice 10am - 11:45am
Reading of the Rules: 11:45am
Event Start: Noon
Event End: Sunset
Experience: 5
Price: $10 - (NPC's play for Free - please contact one of the marshals if you are interested)
Check our live journal postings for the "bring a friend" discount and KA rewards.
After being away for several months the Divine has finally returned to her people. She arrived in the night with a mysterious and solitary guard and spoke to the Gladehame Elders and Matriarch bringing great and glad tidings of the Coraden’s long awaited journey home. According to the rumors circulated from some of the members of the elders council there are many things that must be done to ensure the Coraden’s safe passage home. As the leaves pass through their journey to winter, they will send a sacred relic to the Divine who will wait at the Gate with her new protector. The relic will be guarded heavily to the edge of the forest where it will be brought forth by it’s keeper to the Gate. Once it has been received by the Divine, the Matriarch and the more important members of the council must make their own version of the Centural Journey, once there they will send word and the Coraden people will begin their preparation for the long journey home.

The Divine has since returned to the forest to ritually prepare the Gate and will travel back to Gladehame once the relic has been received, where she will lead the Coraden delegation to the Gate. Until such time as she returns she is to be the only Coraden in the forest or risk losing the passage home.

Summary OOG Notes::
This game will take place in the inner forest north of Solhame at the same location as the last game.
If you attended last game feel free to post to the Live Journal site in character, please check the description for posting in character to the site.

Site Specific Rules:
Site specific rules will be announced at the beginning of the game.
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