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Last Event - Next Event

Hi All, the posting for next event is up already check it out at
I'm working on getting the pictures and the movies up...yes movies, brief but fun, and am working on getting the map updated with the locations of the past few events. Work has been stupid, so I havn't been able to keep up properly.

Next Event has the same deal as last one, bring a friend, for each new paying player, you get 2$ off and 5 KA points not to mention more people to have fun with.

As a reminder, this forum can be used to post IC and OOC info, thus far it has been used for OOC stuff only, if you want to discuss IC stuff or post just give an appropriate subject I.E. where the posting can be found like the Stonehold Town Square, and as starting Rumors has actual in-game mechanics please include your character name with the posting.

I had a great time at the last event, thank you all.
I hope next game will make your head hurt just as a good way : )
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