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Dusting this thing off

Hey guys,

I'm looking for armor and weaponary to dress a new Ling character of mine. I'm turning you you because I know there's armor and weapons out there, I was looking for suggestions about where I could find some, or if people wanted to sell some of their second hand stuff. Or if I could convince anyone to forge something for me. :)

I really missed LR this year. I've come to count on it for running around and general kicking-my-ass fun. I know everyone's busy, so I'll hope we'll see it again with the new spring.

Drop me a comment here if you think you have something that would work for me, or if you just wanna chat. :)

Or you can email me at setinct (at) Yahoo (dot) com.


Joshua Demers
Cleric T'Orn
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Boffer Practice

Going to try again this weekend, 28 Sunset Terrace, Apt 1, Middletown, CT 06457.  3p.m. to probably 7ish as I have a Bday party to go to.  

There is a park down the bottom of my street with ample parking.  If it is raining all morning, consider the practice called.  Again.  If you have weapons, PLEASE bring some.  I have 0.

Boffer Practice!

This would be meeting at my house 28 Sunset Terrace Middletown CT 06457 
3 p.m. this Saturday, going until whenevah.  
There is a park down at the bottom of the hill, Wesleyan just up the hill and the Indian Hill Cemetery right behind me, so pleny of places to play.  
I have no boffer supplies or weapons so I need someone to provide.  
I will provide drinks for 10-12 or so.  
I live very near all sorts of yummy food and cheap gorcery stores.
I also live near Destintas movies theaters.
There is parking, but we may need to be creative and or flexible.  

This may become a regular thing.  I intend it to be so.

Please respond.
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newbie quests

Ok, havent discussed this with Ty cause he's so damned busy with his own stuff right now, but I have a crew of kids who really want to play... to that end, I want to have some newbie-nights... maybe out at my parents house, we have a nice bit of land to play with... What I expect/want to do... I would love to get anyone with a preexisting character over level one to NPC. we're talking goblins and kobolds at best... I want to get the kids moving, working and understanding the rules, and dont want them overshadowed by your godly 4th level guys. These events would be worth probably 1 XP at best, and some KA points. I think one or two such events will get them used to the system... Anyone interested, let me know. and of course, if ty says no, well, screw him! he should get his act together and get this season's events cooking. ;-)



When do I get to start killing Goblins, Undead, Orcs and other assorted badies?
I am jonesin and need additional reason to get my now ample rear end in gear.
Knowing I have to chase down Tyler would help my moto to get in shape.

In all seriousness any idea when the first event of the season will be?
I am also thinking about a fighter practice/weapons/costume gathering soon any days particularly good/bad for peeps?

Much Love

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weapons supplies

hey all, I just ordered 100 feet of SDR 13.5, I will be divvying it up in to useable lengths and manufacturing a F'buttload of cheapass weapons for my kids at school (yeah, thats right, you heard me. I'm the staff advisor for the East Lyme Live Action Role Playing Group) but I suspect I will have some left when all is said and done.

Picking up a duck

(no subject)

I reliezed that I harassed every list but this one. I don't know why I'm so silly sometimes.

This is the offical harassment of our game owners and masters; the nice weather is upon us, let's go Realms! Come on, Lvl 4 Priest LFG for Lost Realms! Hello Lost Realms, I'm Josh, and I'm a noob. Lost Realms has aggroed my heart! LOST REALMS!!!

On the same note, if anyone has a way to contact Pete, would you please ask him to bring the coffin shield he said I could use for the next game? Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing you all SOON on the field in the sun.

Joshua Demers
Cleric T'Orn
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