lordq42 (lordq42) wrote in thelostrealms,

newbie quests

Ok, havent discussed this with Ty cause he's so damned busy with his own stuff right now, but I have a crew of kids who really want to play... to that end, I want to have some newbie-nights... maybe out at my parents house, we have a nice bit of land to play with... What I expect/want to do... I would love to get anyone with a preexisting character over level one to NPC. we're talking goblins and kobolds at best... I want to get the kids moving, working and understanding the rules, and dont want them overshadowed by your godly 4th level guys. These events would be worth probably 1 XP at best, and some KA points. I think one or two such events will get them used to the system... Anyone interested, let me know. and of course, if ty says no, well, screw him! he should get his act together and get this season's events cooking. ;-)

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